Anne Minihane has been on her present  path for the past 15 years. She has worked beside Seersha for the past 10 years, having studied together at TheShamanka School in Dorset where she qualified as a Shamanic Practitioner.  Anne also assisted at the school for several years before she continued her studies in Counselling, Quantum Touch, Reiki, Holistic Massage and teaching, gaining formal qualifications in each area.


She has been fortunate to spend time and receive teachings from Devi Dhyani and Satchidanand; in their loving space she was taught the inner workings of Synthesis of Light Energy Enhancement Meditation delving deep into the mystery of Meditation.

She learned Native American style drum making with Patrick Pinson of the Mingo tribe and considers herself to be a drum doula. ‘To become one with the drum is to lose yourself in creativity’. She has helped to birth many drums over the years both in the UK and in Germany.


She has been guided and encouraged by Ken Littlefish Durrant, medicine man of the Native American Church and his wonderful wife Nancy to introduce more people to the mystery and prayer of the sweat lodge.

Anne has always been passionate about movement meditation in all its forms, dance, Trance Dance, 5 Rhythms, Wave,  Biodance, Turning (Whirling), Dances of Universal Peace, Laughter Meditation,  Gi Gong and Yoga  and she brings these fun elements into any workshops she facilitates. 

She has worked with many great Shamanic leaders such as Caitlin Matthews, Leo Rudderford, Brooke Medicine Eagle and Kurikindi and hopes to continue the adventure of learning with Caroylin Hillier this year.

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