Complementary Therapies

Complementary Therapies  are  healing practices which can be used alongside standard medical treatments, to assist in the healing process.

All therapies charged at £40 per hour

3 feet ready for Reflexology treatmentReflexology is a Healing Art based on the principle that reflexes, or areas in the feet, hands and ears relate to the internal organs and other structures of the body. They are seen as a microcosm of the body and by massaging and palpitating specific areas enable the body to heal itself. Reflexology aims to treat the body as a whole and endeavours to ascertain the root cause of any ‘dis-ease.’  Reflexology stimulates and revitalises the chi or life force.

Indian Head Massage or Champissage is a system of massaging the head, neck and shoulders and is used extensively throughout the Indian subcontinent. It works on the physical, mental and subtle levels.  On the physical level it provides muscle relaxation, aids dispersal of toxins, helps in relieving tension headaches, eye-strain, earache, tinnitus and insomnia. Mentally it brings a sense of calmness, release of anxiety, improves alertness and concentration and is a wonderful stress buster. On a subtle level it re-balances the Chakras and releases stagnant energy.

Bach Flower Remedies  are a system of treatment developed by Doctor Edward Bach (pronounced Batch) in 1930. Bach believed that each plant had its own unique healing properties and discovered 38 flower remedies specifically to heal emotional imbalances. He believed that emotional dysfunction was the root cause of all ‘dis-ease’. These remedies strengthen the individual and allow and enhance each person’s innate healing abilities and spiritual powers.

Counsellors are listenersCounselling in the modern world so few people take the time just to sit and listen. Often that is all a client needs, to talk about the issues in their life in a safe and contained environment. A trained counsellor works ethically and within set boundaries to help the client reflect on their needs and enable them to find additional sources of support where appropriate.

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