Shamanic Therapies

The shamanic approach to ‘dis-ease’ is holistic; we focus on treating the person (not the symptom) and discovering the root cause of the issue using ancient healing techniques.

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Cutting of Ties  is a technique used to cut inappropriate behaviour or Image to represent cutting of ties Shamanic therapy in Kent UKrelationships to either someone or something, and can also be useful in cases of addiction.  To enable the client to move forward, this therapy cuts the energetic link to a former partner, home, job or other object. Cutting these energetic ties frees the client to conquer their addiction on a physical level. This enables the client to move forward in life, making new, appropriate and healthy connections.

Crystal rebalancing hands on healingCrystal Rebalancing and Hands on Healing is a gentle therapy which provides deep relaxation through the cleansing and rebalancing of individual chakras using crystals. During hands on healing the shamanic practitioner may also receive diagnostic information on deeper issues. Various shamanic tools – such as crystals – may be used during this treatment.

abstract picture to give impression of soul retrievalSoul Retrieval soul loss is usually the result of shock or trauma, when conditions become so intolerable that part of the spirit flees, unable to cope, to a place of safety.  Soul losses can happen throughout your life, in childhood, during long term illness, when a job is lost, during relationship breakdowns or car accidents. These losses – or holes in the energy field – can result in mental, emotional or even physical ailments. The shamanic soul retrieval method is empowering, as it takes the client on a guided journey to quest and retrieve the missing part for him or herself.

picture of a woman 'experiencing a past lifePast Life Regression past life work is never done as a curiosity or fad, only if there is unexplained stress, ailment, trauma or strangely difficult relationships which have been suffered for a long time. It may also be done to connect a healer or gifted person to their knowledge or talents from a former life,when someone has subtle feelings of something known but inaccessible. The timing for this therapy needs to be right from a karmic point of view.

Crystalline extraction of energiesCrystalline Extraction this therapy is used when it is discovered that an area of the body or energy field has become energetically toxic.  There could be intrusions or holes in the energy body, where energy has been lost  or stolen, which has been replaced by an emotion or thought form such as fear or anger.  Most clients would sense an intrusion by areas of discomfort within the body often at the chakra level. This therapy brings major re-empowerment for the client.

Fluid Extraction of EnergiesFluid Extractions  some intrusions are fluid; these entities are uninvited energies which hook into a client’s energy field. These can arrive through past life experiences, ancestral legacies or present life occurrences. They can be difficult to detect and track and therefore require qualified practitioners to remove.

Illumination ProcessIllumination Process this is a technique which uses ancient indigenous South American healing methods, bringing empowerment and illumination on all levels to the client.

Shamanic JourneyingJourneying takes the client on an out of body experience to visit the Spirit World for information, healing and inter-connectedness with the Web of Life.
You can meet your own Spirit Guide, find your Power Animal and discover the God or Goddess within.

Shamanic CounsellingShamanic Counselling the boundaries within which a shamanic counsellor works are very different from the modern approach. The shamanka/shaman and client will obtain help and advice from the Spirit World using shamanic techniques such as trance work and journeying.

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