Apprenticeships- one to one

For sometime now I have offered one-one, face to face apprenticeships which have been very successful-with each apprentice learning what they need, when they needed it.  Each apprentice has completed the training in their own time and way.  I love this kind of teaching as it enables me to go deeper than is possible within workshops.    Of course in an ideal world we would be able to sit by our fires and share, face to face, our knowledge and wisdom.  However that time has gone and the new way is unfolding.   Maybe you feel a strong pull towards the  Shamanic world and would like to dip in a toe?  Maybe you are just too far away from any Shamanic centres or individuals who could offer care and support?  Maybe the sheer expense of  a workshop is too much? Well here is the answer to your prayers. I am  offering  on line training in Shamanic Practice.  This can be taken in your own time.  How much you pay is up to you!  I only ask that you are fair in your contribution and pay what you can afford.  I do not walk one path or follow one tradition.  I am a ‘braided hair’ who weaves the wisdom given to me by various teachers and traditions.  I do not claim to be a Shaman see blog-but am proud to be a Medicine Women.  I  have many skills that I have learned over my lifetimes including Shamanic Practice and other healing modalities.

The course includes documents, PDF’s,videos and email/telephone support.  If you feel called please contact Seersha via the website