9 Worlds Healing and the Healing Runes

12 week Zoom course

Starting 2nd February 2021 @ 7pm


The Old Norse world was as diverse as we are today with influences from all over the Old World with different traditions in different places. There isn’t a one size fits all when it comes to the ancient Knowledge and Wisdom. There were regional variations in belief systems and deities. Their traditions were more or less exclusively oral until the arrival of Christianity when writing became more common place. There are a few famous texts, poems, inscriptions written mostly by Christians in retrospect. Tacitus wrote of the Germanic tribes using Runes during the Roman occupation but again what he saw and recorded was biased by his Roman culture. In actual fact there is very little written about healing techniques, so much has been extrapolated and divined. The last true Rune Master died hundreds of years ago. However, some scholars have managed to gain an insight and understanding using the ancient texts and folklore from Iceland, the Scottish Highlands, Anglo Saxon Britain, Lithuania and the Nordic countries.
In this course we begin our healing journey as all journeys begin with the first step.
You will create your own Rune set, getting to know each Rune using study techniques and journeying.
We will travel the 9 worlds connecting with Yggdrasil (The One Tree) and each world.
You will learn empowering, cleansing and protection rituals in preparation for healing.
Once the introductory course is completed then we will be able to continue into the deeper levels of healing if you wish.
I look forward to guiding you on this journey.

Cost: £30 non returnable deposit upon booking plus a weekly donation.  It's up to you how much you can honestly afford

For further info call Seersha 07809722097 or email seersha@sky.com
10.30- 5.00pm