The Inka Path

This course introduces you to the World of Living Energy, the secrets of  the indigenous wisdom and knowledge systems of the Q'eros people of the Peruvian Andes .

Seersha is a 4th Level Paqo who trained with Don Juan and Ivan Nunes Del Prado, Don Augustine, Tauribio, Elizabeth Jenkins and others.  During this training you will be taught special energy exercises to connect you to the world of living energy and the Nature spirits, how to make offerings to these energies, how to make your own Misha (Medicine bundle) and how to heal yourself, the Planet and others. 

There is no set duration for this course as each person needs to learn at their own pace. 

This is a one to one course via Zoom.  Payment is by donation and 10% of all donations are given directly to the Q'eros via the Wirracocha Foundation.

For further information please call Seersha on 07809722097