Many people do not follow a formal religion, yet still need on some level to gather together to celebrate and honour the milestones of life: birth, marriage, death and other rites of passage. By celebrating and deepening our Image of a group of women performing ceremonyconnections to our family, friends, society as a whole and ancestors, ceremony and ritual create opportunities to embrace life’s changes and improve our well-being.


At ShamanicPlanet we offer our expertise and experience as organisers, advisers or celebrants, to create ceremonies tailored for your situation.  Below are some suggestions of when ceremony might be appropriate.

Preparing for a sacred birthBirth

Seersha has been present in a  dhoula role at home and hospital births, creating sacred space and supporting the Mother, to welcome the entry of a new person into this life.

  • calling in the child spirit to prepare for conception
  • blessing rituals during the pregnancy
  • ceremony to acknowledge feelings of loss and grief after stillbirth, miscarriage and abortion
  • creation of sacred space during birth process
  • naming ceremony

Ceremonies of marriage and separationMarriage and separation

  • engagement ceremony or declaration of intention
  • ceremony of union
  • separation pledges and cutting of ties


The passage from life to deathSeersha is initiated into the ancient Inka death rites which help a soul gently leave its body without trauma and fear.

  • death rites
  • funeral ceremony
  • wake

Rites of Passage or Transitions

  • Puberty
  • picture of a ceremonial fireBecoming an elder
  • New home
  • New job
  • New relationship
  • Redundancy
  • Children leaving home

In our fast-changing world the chance to honour and celebrate special occasions gives us ‘time out’ to reconnect to that which is truly important.

Please get in contact to discuss how we can help you mark changes in your life through ceremony.